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Social at the Stone House
824 Lincoln Way East
Massillon, Ohio 44646

This beautiful Romanesque house was built by Mr. John Long in the 1840’s prior to the Civil War. According to the 1850 Census, the address at that time was 248 East Main Street.

The stately structure was built with locally-sourced sandstone. The grand, wraparound front porch is covered and includes a circular gazebo area. The interior encompasses around 4,000 square feet and includes five fireplaces. The beautiful wood-paneled foyer is highlighted with hand-carved wood trim and a large, graceful main staircase. The second floor is home to four dining rooms and two restrooms. The third floor ballroom has incredible vaulted ceilings and secret prohibition-era liquor cabinets hidden in the wooden benches.

In 1884, the home was purchased by John Clay and his wife Mary. John was a retired farmer, 31 years older than his wife. He had several stepchildren and died shortly after the purchase. His wife continued to live there until 1900.

William Humberger and his wife Laura purchased the home in 1900. William owned the Humberger Dry Goods store in Massillon. After William passed, Laura lived there until 1911.

J. E. O’Hearne, who worked for the Wheeling and Lake Erie Railroad, lived in the house from 1911 until 1915. The address changed to 1218 East Main Street during this time.

C. Cline of C. Cline & Company moved into the house in 1915. The C. Cline & Company manufactured hair good products.

The house changed ownership in the early 1920’s to Blaine Zuver, Treasurer and General Manager of the Enterprise Aluminum Company. The late 1920’s brought a coast-to-coast highway, known as the Lincoln Highway, through Massillon. Main Street was renamed Lincoln Way and the Zuver address became 824 Lincoln Way East. Blaine passed away April 8, 1941 and his wife Alma lived in the home until 1948. Alma died in March of 1973. Both Alma and Blaine are buried in Rose Hill Cemetery in Massillon.

In 1948, Dr. Lauster, a local Massillon dentist, was next to purchase the house. His dental office was located on the first floor and it is believed that his residence was on the second floor. Dr. Lauster lived in the home until 1993.

In 1993, Anthony and Beverly DeRenzo purchased the house. They raised their family and lived here until 2002.

In 2002, the current owners, Jeff and Sandy Doll, purchased the home from the DeRenzo’s. Jeff worked over several years to fully renovate the structure in keeping with the period of the home. In August, 2019, Sandy named the property Social at the Stone House and opened an event center. In July, 2021, Social welcomed their first guests to a full-service restaurant, featuring craft cocktails, an extensive wine list and an eclectic, fusion menu.